Put It To Bed

When you're working under tight timelines and with small teams, it's really easy to end up spending too much time on one thing -- and then madly rushing to get other things done on time. I find this especially true when splitting time between design and front-end development.

I'm sure there are those who find it easy, but for me, switching my brain from creative to coding doesn't happen as easily as I'd like. Especially multiple times a day. So I tend to spend blocks of time, sometimes days, strictly doing one or the other. But it's dangerous because it can lead to an "oh shit" mad rush. It's also what generates the best work.

So the key is balance and knowing when to know when enough is enough. Part of it has to do with putting the unfinished work in front of your team (or constituents) before you're 100% happy with it. But the key is remembering that ultimately, nobody else is going to notice if your text highlight is off by a pixel or the wrong shade of whiteish-blue. Yes it will gnaw at your soul, but nobody else gives a shit. So let it go and keep things moving along. Getting there takes discipline, as well as understanding business partners who are kind enough to throw out the occasional reminder. Yes the perfect feel might not be there for you, but chances are it's good enough for everyone else.

So put it to bed already and move on. You've got code to launch and customers to delight. You can adjust that one pixel that's off when nobody's looking. Just remember, you're probably the only one who actually cares -- and that's really not a bad thing.

Founder & Chief Creative Officer